Classic Meatloaf Recipe

Classic Meatloaf Recipe

This Classic Meatloaf recipe will satisfy those dinner time hunger cravings.

Delicious and flavoursome, Meatloaf is a timeless meal that is ideal for the colder months. It pairs well with mash and veggies, but is also great with salads and other classic side dishes.

This scrumptious and hearty recipe is one you’ll return to time and time again. Leftovers are also great for lunch the next day
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Satisfying Cottage Pie

Satisfying Cottage Pie

This delicious Cottage Pie recipe is a great dish that will warm you up and leave you satisfied!

Combining lean minced beef, vegetables, potato and a crisp cheese top, the recipe is very easy to make and is a convenient meal to whip up when you’re having to serve a larger group of people. The ingredient quantities can be easily expanded to accommodate extra without compromising the quality of the end result.

Quick, easy and ideal for winter!
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Warm and Filling Pumpkin Risotto

Pumpkin Risotto

Fill up while warming up with this delicious Pumpkin Risotto recipe!

A great winter feed, the recipe impresses with its hearty pumpkin flavour that combines brilliantly with the arborio rice and parmesan cheese to create that classic risotto ‘sticky’ finish.

For the vegetarian among you, simply opt for vegetable stock over chicken stock and you have yourself a fantastic vegetarian dish option as well!
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Hearty Chilli Con Carne Recipe!

Chilli Con Carne

Hearty and delicious, this Chilli Con Carne recipe will satisfy your taste buds in a big way!

Rich with taste, chilli con carne is great for those times when you have a lot of people to feed. You can create big portions easily and pair it with a range of sides. We’ve gone with rice in this recipe, but jacket-potatoes, garlic bread, bread rolls and even crackers pair fantastically with the delicious flavours abundant in this recipe.
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