Christmas is all about spending quality time with family and friends. It’s the most wonderful time of year, after all. And there’s nothing better that could represent it but a festive table spread that brings together your nearest and dearest. As host, there are a number of things to think about and plan for to ensure everything goes smoothly. This Christmas entertaining guide aims to help you pull off an unforgettable holiday feast.

The secret to being an effortless host is to prepare and organise, from the week before Christmas day to the day itself. No need for the expensive stuff to deck the halls or dress up the table. Make it simple and light and focus on great food with great company.

Christmas table

Once you’ve decided on the theme of your party, start buying or making your decorations. Be it traditional or modern, create something that reflects your take on Christmas. Start thinking about your table decor at least a week before the party. Whether you like to dress up the table with unique and eclectic pieces or bright and colourful dinnerware, great decor doesn’t mean that everything has to match. Try to mix things up, even when it comes to plates. Be creative and allow your table to reflect your style. Top off your dinnerware with the traditional Christmas crackers for a surprise treat before the meal begins. By coordinating unique elements together, you are sure to create a memorable experience for your holiday guests.

There’s no need to spend so much trying to match everything on the table. A well-coordinated dining setup is simply enough to make your holiday feast special and unique.

Delicious spread

The most important part of hosting a holiday party is to prepare food ahead of time to make things easier on yourself on the day of the party. There are plenty of other holiday dishes that can be prepared ahead and warmed up if needed just before guests arrive such as roasts, potato mash, baked pasta, bread, and desserts. Simply lay out all of your serving bowls and platters ahead of time, so you’ll be able to determine if they will match up with your menu. The last thing you want is for the food to be ready, but nothing to serve it in! After you’ve laid out all of your servingware, make use of cute sticky notes to label them with the dish they’re assigned to.

Skip the traditional buffet and opt for interactive food stations to create movement and encourage mingling in the dining room. Serve easy and light dishes that everyone can sample without making them overly full.

Summer cocktails

A party is not a party without drinks! It’s one of the most exciting aspects of a holiday party and you can’t miss it. But playing mixologist is time-consuming and messy, so skip the show and pressure to shake up an individual cocktail for each guest. Mix up a signature cocktail that you can create the day of the party. Serve your cocktails in big pitchers, so your guests can serve themselves and keep the party going.

Keep your cocktails in self-serving pitchers and let your guests serve themselves.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel the pressure to put on an extravagant party, especially for the holidays. However, you must keep in mind that the holidays are all about spending quality time with your closest friends and family, not impressing the world with your perfect party planning skills. On the day of the party, remember the number one rule of hosting: relax and enjoy yourself. Keep calm and have fun! But now that you’re armed with the best tips, it’s time to get the ball rolling.

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  1. Thanks for the tip about using Christmas crackers to provide some treats on the dinner table. I’ve never tried the tradition of using those before and I think it’s about time I tried them because my nephews and nieces have been visiting me a lot during vacation. I think having Christmas crackers later in the year would make them very happy.

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